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Wood Fencing

Wood Fences

Fencing with a natural look and feel to protect your Oklahoma City home or business.

Wood is the fence of choice for many property owners across Oklahoma. Fences built and designed in wood material offer many benefits that cover the needs and preferences of homeowners as well as business owners in the Oklahoma City region. At Unlimited Fence and Concrete, our craftsmen can offer wood fences in a wide range of designs and styles and come in either cedar wood or white pine. The natural material of wood makes it easy to use for both modern and more traditional settings.

No matter what you are looking for with your fence, our team will provide you with the highest quality wood products and services that are sure to please.

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Wood Fencing Features & Benefits

Wood fencing comes with a long list of benefits. Here are our favorite reasons you'll love it, too.

Wood Fences are

Built with Craftsmanship

Whether you enjoy modern styles or more ornate designs, our wood fences are built by hand with the artistry of our expert craftsmen to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Wood Fences are


No matter what the terrain or the shape of the area you're enclosing, wood fencing is one of the most versatile solutions for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma properties. Any design, height, or spacing can be created with this popular material!

Wood Fences are


Though wood fencing can be made to match nearly any style, contemporary or classic, it is also one of the most traditional, natural materials you can use to build a beautiful fence.

Important Features of our Wood Fences

There are three main components that determine the strength and longevity of a wood fence at properties across Oklahoma City.

Wood fence features popular with Oklahoma City  homeowners

  1. Posts - Fences are built from the ground up, and the way the posts are installed and set determines how strong a fence can be. The quality of the post itself is the first important factor for strength. At Unlimited Fence and Concrete we use Postmaster® Posts for each job we complete, raising the bar above industry standards to use a steel post that will add to the fence's durability.
  2. Wood Rails - In order to keep the pickets in place between the posts, a wood fence needs two or three rails horizontally stretched across them. Depending on the style of your fence, some rails show and some are hidden between the pickets on either side. No matter what, your rails keep the pickets straight and attached so you have a completely secure, beautiful wood fence around your property.
  3. Wood Pickets - The pickets of a wood fence are the main portion of each panel. The strength of each board makes up the overall strength of your wood fence. That's why we hand select our lumber, making sure each piece will look great and stand up to the elements of Oklahoma.
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