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Business owners and homeowners trust the strength of chain link fences. Not only does it provide the boundary and security you may need in a variety of applications, but with the advances in engineering of this traditional type of woven wire fence, chain link fences have come a long way to include customizable options to improve its look and longevity.

Our team at Unlimited Fence and Concrete has been installing chain link fences for both residential and commercial properties all across the Oklahoma City region since 2014, and has over 20 years of experience to back up our work.

Chain link fencing is a dependable option for Oklahoma City property owners, customizable in size and color.

The Benefits of Chain Link Fencing

There are many things to love about chain link fencing for Oklahoma City properties. Let's name a few!

Key Benefits of Chain Link Fencing for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma properties.

Chain link fencing is one of the most practical types of fencing in Oklahoma City and is effective in both residential and commercial settings all across the world. Due to its straightforward construction, it can be adjusted to fit into almost any application, providing just the right level of functional protection you and your family or customers need.

Key Benefits of Chain Link Fencing for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma properties.

Of all the fence materials available in Oklahoma City, chain link fencing is one of the most affordable options. With its many positive features, chain link has a lot of "bang for its buck" and any repairs it may need after years go by will be few and inexpensive to fix. It is also a type of fence that is often more easily installed than other types, making it cheaper for the labor involved.

Key Benefits of Chain Link Fencing for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma properties.

Oklahoma property owners that install chain link fencing do so most often for its strength. The steel material holds up well for year upon year and is protected by its galvanized coating to prevent rust and corrosion that would otherwise threaten to weaken it.

Key Benefits of Chain Link Fencing for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma properties.

One of the great things about chain link fencing is its durability and length of life. Chain link fences across Oklahoma lasts for decades and can last well past the life of your need for it and when it does need a repair, can be fixed fairly easily. Check out some of the options you have to choose the best and longest lasting chain link fence for your space.

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Chain Link Fence Options

Customize your chain link fence in one of these three main categories.

Galvanized Chain Link Fencing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Traditional Galvanized
Chain Link Fencing

Traditional chain link fences are made with high quality, galvanized steel material, creating a long lasting fence for your Oklahoma City property. The protective coating used by the manufacturer is specialized to prevent major rusting or corrosion and in doing so, promotes the fence's strength overall. This specific style of chain link fence is the typical type and the most affordable solution for homes and businesses.

Black PVC and Polymer Coated Chain Link Fencing options for Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Black PVC and Polymer Coated
Chain Link Fencing

When a traditional galvanized steel chain link fence is manufactured, an additional protective layer is added, using colored PVC or polymer coating. This not only changes the look of your fence, but it adds an extra layer of rust protection for a longer lasting product. Choosing a sleek, black chain link fence goes a cut above the traditional steel look and is still an incredibly affordable type of fence to install.

Slatted Privacy slats for Chain Link Fencing in Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Slatted Privacy
Chain Link Fencing

If you like the look and strength of chain link fencing, but you want privacy, just add colored vinyl privacy slats! This option adds additional materials & labor, therefore some extra cost. The ease of having slats inserted into the mesh of the chain link is a practical solution many homeowners and business owners enjoy. This is a great option to keep your back yard less visible to neighbors or your company lot space more private with any stored materials.

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